Monday, June 15, 2009

Playful Playdough

I love playdough I have always found it fun to sculpt different masterpieces and food creation out of soft squeezable texture. Not only do I love it but children love it hence the popularity to add a little fun to this classic small motor delight try a few of these ideas throughout the year:

January: white playdough and add sparkles to make it look like snow.

February: Make pink playdough add cinnamon to it add also some of those pink candy hearts have them squeeze it out Ziploc bags into cupcake liners so they can make valentine cupcakes

March: Green playdough with green sparkles also get some plastic gold coins so your children can see what impressions they can leave in the playdough

April: Put some plastic Easter eggs on the table to play with the playdough they make great cutters or they can be used to roll out small pieces of dough.

May: Make playdough your favorite color and add a couple of spritzes of your favorite perfume

June: Add some imitation coconut or banana extract to some yellow playdough to give a tropical feel.

July: Put some ocean animals in with blue playdough

August: Put a little bit of sand in with some tan playdough to give a beach effect

September: Draw some big letters or shapes on some paper, use these as template to trace over with the playdough.

October: Use orange playdough to make some pumpkins then get some foam shapes to make some silly faces.

November: Add pumpkin spice to brown or orange playdough

December: Throw in a dash of peppermint extract and also split the dough in half die half red and leave the rest white so children can make candy canes.

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