Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grocery Games

Grocery store trips are not always the funnest, especially when your child is screaming louder than the loudspeaker at the store. One way to have a better trip for you and them is to keep them entertained. These are some things that I thought of to keep kids busy while you are gathering the much needed grocery items.

Grocery Store Bingo- Make a bingo card with pictures of basic grocery store items for example milk, bread, cheese, apples, meat etc. Print out two copies of the bingo sheet, laminate both of sheets of paper, cut out one of the sheets into square, then attach Velcro to the square in the bingo sheet and also the ones you cut out, attach an envelope to the back of the bingo card with the extra Velcro pictures in it. Then the next time you are at the store you have a game you can play as you are shopping, Yowza!

Very Own Grocery List- After your grocery list has already been completed take a few items, preferably ones that will be in different aisles, and make another grocery list just for your child. As you come to that aisle while shopping the child is responsible for finding that item carefully putting it in the cart, and marking it off their checklist. If you would like to kick this up a notch and your child is older, they could also be responsible for paying for it at the checkout.

Tasty Treasure Hunt- Before going to the grocery store draw a simple map of the store you are going to. If you need help with this many stores have a store map when you get there. Then write out a clue for some of the items of your grocery list. Your child gets to be the captain and tell you where you are going next. When they figure out a clue give them another one. Obviously just do one per aisle or you are going to be their for a long time. The treasure at the end could be some kind of treat for the family. I have some suggestions of clues below to give you an idea.

Shiver me timbers this is sure cold but goes great with chocolate syrup= ice cream
Yummy, Yummy in Dad's tummy this is his favorite food= Whatever is his favorite food
This rhymes with red, bed, and said= bread
Can't have cookies with out this cold drink= milk
Squiggly wiggly something that looks like worms= pasta

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