Friday, July 3, 2009

Kitchen Organization/ Under the Sink

I am kind of liking the series of post thing, and since I am working on organizing my kitchen I am going to this in a series or posts also.

This is one of those places I get so frustrated with because it is this big cupboard yet it is hard to store things in there, darn water pipes who needs water anyway. Well I decided to work with the pipes and see what I could come up with.

This would be what I would like to try one day, isn't it ingenious, until then I am going to make do with what I have.

This is my before, you can see that there was some organization here, but it really was not working out.

This is my after, I got a little bit creative in my organization. Notice that the shelf is made out of cardboard, I a strawberry container to store my sponges (it was the perfect size and I like that it had holes so they could air out in between uses), and a Kleenex container for all of my grocery bags. I can't take credit for the Kleenex box idea, I actually saw that somewhere a while back and decided to try it. I love it not only is the box free but it is easy to pull out the bags when you need them.

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