Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Teaching with Holidays/ 4th of July

This is the end of the teaching with the holidays 4th of July and since a main theme has been Americas birthday their definitely needs to be a party. This could be on the 4th of July or close to it. Here are a few ideas to celebrate and teach your children a little something while you are at it.

Party Hats:
Make Newspaper "Colonial" hats beforehand all you need is a sheet of newspaper and if you really wanted to get creative some crayons and markers. Also perhaps a feather to go along with Yankee Doddle.


  • Guess that American: Find pictures of famous Americans and put them on the backs of party participants. Then give clues to that person so they can figure out who is on their back, for really young children this could even be pictures of the family.

  • American Gestures: Write a list as a family of people that serve America such as policemen, soldiers, president, mom, dad, etc. Cut each idea out and then act that person out.

I have always wanted to make a flag cake you see in magazines and since it goes along with what was talked about earlier in the week I think this would be a great America Birthday cake to make as a family.

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