Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teaching with Holidays/ 4th of July

This is number three of the 4th of July teaching with the Holidays today's focus is on Americas Symbols. There are lots of different symbols that arise on the 4th and I have an activity for two of them Flag and Eagle.

Flag- Math/Art
First talk about the flag and why we have one. Tell children about how the flag represents our country talk about some parts of the flag and what they represent. Then make a flag for your family you put something that represents each member of the family, you can also use colors that symbolized members of the family. For color meanings try going here.

Flag Colors/Science
Review the color meanings from above or if you didn't do that activity talk about each color in the flag and what it symbolizes. Get three small containers fill them about half way full of water use food coloring to dye one red and one blue, leave one of them clear. Then get a few other containers and have your children mix the water together to see what happens when the colors are mixed.

Eagle- Music/ Movement
Start out explaining what the eagle is and why we have it as one of Americas symbols next put some music on and fly like eagles around the room. If you wanted to take it up a notch you could also give them some streamers or ribbons to dance with.

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