Friday, June 19, 2009

Teaching with Holidays/ 4th of July

Today's 4th of July theme is about Birthday presents for America. What better way to give a birthday present to our country than by being a good citizen.

Good Citizen:
Our present to America
First introduce this topic by talking about how we should give a present to America, and the best thing we could do is be good a person or citizen. Next come up with something special you could do for America such as pick up some trash in the park, bring some cookies to a neighbor, or even a game plan to be nice to members of the family.

Presents for the Family:
To add on to the previous idea. Put the names of all the family members in a jar have everyone draw out a name and during the week that person needs to do something special for them. This could be really simple such as making their bed during the week, drawing a picture for them, or cleaning up their toys. When fourth of July comes around talk about what you did for each other and how that is a part of being a good citizen.

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