Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Basket

When my son was born my mom and mother-in-law took turns baby sitting while I was at work. One day after I came home I asked my mom how it went and she said it went great, but she really didn't know what babies this age (0-6mo) were supposed to play with. After this I did some research and found some age appropriate games for him to play. I typed up all the ideas and then put a bunch of toys he would like in a basket in our living room so we would have something close to grab when he was awake and wanted to play.

The basket included some books, childrens music, a puppet, a bright cloth (to practice tracking with their eyes), ribbons tied to a stick (tracking), rattle, and a towel (roll the towel up put it under their stomachs to practice rolling and tummy time). The pieces of paper have other games to play with the baby.

Making this got me thinking of what a great baby shower gift this would be, especially for a new first time mom. I know I would have loved it.

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